About us:

Hello everyone and welcome to our website. Our names are Roger and Amber Betancourt. Back in 2014, we decided that we wanted to trade in our pickup truck for something different. Roger being a veteran said that he wanted a Jeep. We went to our local dealership and found our now Jeep. After completing the purchase, it started to rain. We lived out in a ranch, so it started to get a bit muddy. We decided to take our new Jeep through some of the established trails at the ranch. The tires immediately started throwing mud up the side and burying the beautiful paint underneath. I told Roger, "It's just like a Mudbug/crawfish". So that's how our Jeep got his name. Our initial thought for owning a Jeep was more overlanding. As we gained more knowledge about Jeeps and their capabilities, that quickly changed into something wilder. The rest was downhill from there. We started using our Jeep in philanthropic adventures. The friends and places we found were simply amazing. Mudbug started to amass quite the following on social media.  Mudbug has gone through a lot of changes since we first acquired him. The passion for the hobby, grew into so much more for us that we decided to make this a lifelong venture and have purchased several other Jeeps since. The long-term goal is to eventually compete in the King of the Hammers. We have been avid watchers, then in February of 2023 we got to actually go in person to see the beast that is KOH. We love everything about the offroad community and life! Be sure to stick around and see our adventures....

Roger Betancourt

Roger a US Army paratrooper Veteran. He served from 1999-2004, during the Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign. He earned a combat jump star (mustard stain) after jumping into hostile territory on March 26, 2003, in Operation Northern Delay with the 173rd 1-508th Red Devils. Roger had the opportunity to do many travels while serving in the Army. He has always been wildly crazy about adventuring out and travels.  Roger aims to serve his brothers and sisters in arms, as well as our community as much as possible. He is the extrovert, man with the plan, and jack of most trades lol! Roger drives for FedEx Ground overnight and follows up as a certified HVAC technician during the day. He went to our local Laredo College to gain the skills needed for a new trade. He has always loved working with his hands and electricity. As a hands-on kind of guy, he applies those skills to the offroad life. He will help get you out of a pinch while trying to teach the same knowledge, so you can do it again in the future in the event he is not around. 

Amber Betancourt

Amber holds a bachelor's degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with special focus on Psychology, Sociology, and Liberal Arts. She grew up in a household that allowed her the opportunity to travel as well. She lived in Saudi Arabia for a little over 1 1/2 years back in 1997 as a young girl. She loves adventuring out as much as Roger. She is huge animal lover and worked in a local animal shelter for many years before having to resign after a bit of a health scare. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism in 2017, soon after she started diving into the health scene. Trying to fix her own health, she now loves working on the health and nutrition of others looking for answers to better health.  She is the Yin to Rogers Yang, CFO of the house and business. Amber is always down to travel and go exploring. If not out doing stuff, you can find her researching new recipes and health stuff on the web. Amber also loves working with her hands and is quick to jump in when help is needed.