Misfits 4x4 of Laredo

Established late August 2020, Misfits 4x4 was formed as a way to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic. What started out as a group of friends, blossomed into an army of offroad enthusiasts that love helping our local community. We were looking for a way to get everyone's mind off of the events in life that we were faced with at the time, so we turned to off-roading. There was no better social distancing than getting your rig and hitting the trails outside. Nobody had to come in contact with anyone and we could hang out safely in the comfort of our own rigs. Since the pandemic, we have taken part in many successful events across Southern Texas. One of those events was Jeep Go Topless day in 2021 Port Aransas Texas. We raised over $1500 dollars for our local no kill animal shelter (LAPS/Laredo Animal Protective Society). Now more recently, we participated in the Great American Crawl's Clash of the Clubs event sponsored by Rockstar Garage bringing home 2nd place. Please check out the links below: you will find a private group, public page (both Facebook), and Instagram link. We are always hoping to see new faces, so feel free to reach out through one of those resources.

Meet the group: If you are around the South Texas area and want to come hangout, be sure to come to our monthly Coffee N Crawlers. This is usually held on the last Sunday of the month, followed by a light offroad adventure. Follow Misfits 4x4 of Laredo to see where the next Coffee N Crawlers will be held. The main goal of this event is to bring our local offroad community together and support local businesses.